Is it worth to believe in God?

Is it worth to belive in God?

I think that I’ve always believed in God, even though I might’ve not known who He is. As a child, I was certain that we didn’t come about by accident through the long process described in “Origin of Species”. The clear understanding that God exists, that He’s a creator and the source of all that is good, brought order and purpose in my life. Nowadays, I’m not afraid; or should I say, I remind myself that I shouldn’t be afraid, because God is like a father to me. He keeps me from making wrong decisions, gives me wisdom to choose good. I feel happy and secure with Him. The fact that the greatest Person in the universe loves precisely me, cannot be compared with anything!

Virdzhiniya Chirpanlieva – English Philologist

The short answer is: Because in God I found purpose in my life beyond the everyday troubles…
A longer version of my answer: Because I need to believe – this is a spiritual need. I have chosen to believe in God because I can fully entrust myself to Him. Someone who loves me, who has created me, in whom I find strength, courage, hope, future… Someone that I can always count on, someone that I’m always with, who supports and understands me, always thinking about my best. Because he’d never say “I can’t”, “I don’t want to”, “I don’t care”; he’s always forthcoming, ready to give the best he can. And he can! He’s God!”

Hristo Stanev – Protestant Pastor

Because no one can give us hope for things like He does. He’s the only one that can bring us peace; no one else can. Because He’s The Way, the Truth, and the Life. Our faith in Him gives purpose in our lives!

Ivo Barzanov – Accountant

Because the faith in God explains the world that I live in and gives purpose in my life.

Ventsislav Panayotov – Theologian

Because my own experience led me to the conclusion that He’s faithful. That’s why I believe Him.

Boryana Mladenova – Psychologist

Because without God, the world would be a horrible place. Also because without any hope, we’re done for.

Filip Mitsanov

The belief in God makes the good days in my life meaningful. But most importantly, it gives me strength during difficult times. To trust God means that you shouldn’t rely on your own strength but rely on His, when there’s no way out. And to realize that He gives you the courage to continue despite everything, by trusting His guidance.

Ani Stefanova – Kindergarten Teacher

It is worthwhile to believe in God because the Bible explains who He is and what the meaning of life is. If a person doesn’t believe in God, there’s no reason for them to live 70-80 years only to serve as a consumer and then pass away. Life without God is meaningless.

Danail Keshishan – Pharmacist

It’s always worth to know the truth. Moreover, the belief in God elevates the person, it gives him more noble ideals, it makes him more responsible to others and himself. The true faith elevates the society, gives purpose in life, and gives people joy and peace.

Kiril Petkov – IT engineer

It’s worth it, because it gives purpose and goals in life. You get to know how you came to be and what would happen in the future. It also gives peace for the present. Confidence that you’re not alone and you can seek help from a Friend. That you have an amazing Father!

Simeon Bozhilov – Architect

It’s worth it, because it gives you purpose for the present life, and brings hope for a better one in the future!

Stefka Zafirova – student of Dental Medicine

Because you start to live according to your purpose.

Slavi Mitrev – B.A. Biotechnology

It is worthwhile because of the peace, the calmness and the hope. In this world full of worries and constant troubles, I feel that the things He offers are so precious. The other reason why it’s worthwhile is because you can be a good and moral person! The faith somehow changes you into a better person; and you always have the supreme ideal, an example which you can be led by. It elevates you and makes your life more meaningful and easier to explain.

Anna Lungova – Primary School Teacher

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